Unfinished3 未完成3


I love collecting stuff, especially those little bags they come with clothes, with buttons and thread. We all know what those serves for, and rarely use it. So, I like to put them on my wall, just to stare at it when Im tired from my computer screen, because the petiteness made it so pretty.

One day, after my work, I was looking at it, and thought maybe I could make something out of it. I cut a lot of small clear sheet, and black threads, storing them into these little cases. I always think that my work has some sort of Zen in it, because its tons of repeat action, practicing my patient. 


Those little clear bags, a square with natural shape thread with it, seems even, but not. It's almost like me, seems normal, but not, or even following my plan, but i can't stand plan. Like my life, I don't want to follow my parent's plan, but I am following their plan. Now I had graduated two famous design school, seems like I almost know everything, but I'm not. I know quite a few, but never really dig into it. So What? There are pros and cons, and it all depends on how you see it.



Now I thought about those times I have conversation with my moms through phone, complain school, work, and boyfriend, and she never know what to say to me, because she is pretty bad at parenting, sometimes she would even tell me just go to sleep. You know, to me, phone talk is better than those app we use on smartphone these days. I miss old school, those phones with curly string. I always wonder how can my voice really travel through that and someone can hear it. These black thread, are like those curly string, I use to transit my longing for my parents love. Or even like my path, that are stored in slide show clips, quietly, and only taste it when I miss it.